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DIY Credit Repair Kit

Mulitmedia Online Course   |  Included with Membership

All the tools of a professional credit repair service in one place. Learn about credit scores, disputes, credit errors, negotiating with creditors, and avoiding common pitfalls. Save hundreds by avoiding expensive and misleading monthly services. 


Lifetime Unlimited


Upon Completion


15 Modules

6 Videos


Document Center

Hundreds of letters, templates, & Forms. 

Course Overview:

Course Outline: DIY Credit Kit


  1. Section One: Introduction to Credit

M1: Your Credit History

M2: Understanding Credit Score

M3: Your Credit Rights

Video: Intro to Credit

M4: Getting Your Credit Report

Video: Getting Your Credit Report

M5: Identifying Credit Issues

2. Section Two: Credit Disputes

M6: The Dispute Process

M7: Filing & Tracking Disputes

M8: Dispute Outcomes

M9: Dispute Finbal; Steps

M10: Credit Dispute FAQ

3. Section Three: Cleaning Up Your Credit

M11: Dealing with Negative Items

M12: Rapid Inquiry Removal

M13: Rebuilding Credit

M14: Protecting Credit

4. Resources

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Skills Learned

  • Negotiate with Creditors

  • Fix Chexsystem

  • Section 609

  • Build & Protect Your Credit 

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Also Included:

The Debt Do-Over

Everything you need to dispute, negotiate, cancel, and eliminate debt for good. 

Stop Needless Spending On:

Credit Repair Service 

Average Monthly Cost: $100

Credit  Monitoring 

Average Monthly Cost: $20

Identity Protection 

Average Monthly Cost: $40

Credit Builder Loans

Average Monthly Pmt: $85

Compare Us to Top Credit Repair Services

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Did you know?

Credit repair companies are legally required to inform you that you can repair your own credit for free. 

Don't waste your money on expensive credit repair clinics that offer no guarantee of success

Repairing your own credit is a perfectly legal alternative that is just as effective as signing up for expensive legal services. Our comprehensive courses provide everything you need to not only repair and improve credit but also, eliminate debt and build wealth, with step-by-step guidance to protect your rights and avoid common pitfalls.

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Don't Miss Out

With Good Credit You Can...

Lower Your Bills 
Finance a Car
Mortgage a Home
Start a Bussiness

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