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The Debt Do-Over

Multimedia Online Course   |  Included in Credit Course Membership

Your comprehensive guide to getting out of debt and negotiating with creditors.  This multimedia course provides a simple and effective solution for achieving financial freedom and an affordable alternative to debt relief programs.


Lifetime Unlimited


Upon Completion


15 Modules

6 Videos


Document Center

Hundreds of dispute letters, templates, & Forms. 

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Skills Learned

  • Reducing Debt

  • Cutting Costs & Budgeting

  • Dispute & Verify Debt

  • Negotiate with Collectors

  • Cancel & Settle Debt

Forms Included

  • Debt Verification  

  • Debt Collector Cease All Contact

  • Request to Lower Payment

  • Offer to Make Delayed Payment

  • Request to Pay Nothing

...and hundreds more!


Course Overview:

I. Section 1: Getting Started

    a. Understanding Debt

    b. When to Get Help

II. Section 2: Reducing Debt

   a. Credit Card Debt
   b. Medical Debt
   c. Student Loan Debt
   d. Auto Loan Debt

   e. Mortgage Debt

   f. Tax Debt

III. Your Budget
   a. Cutting Expenses
   b. Making a Budget

IV. Debt Relief

    a. Dispute & Verify Debt

    b. Creditors & Collectors

    c. Negotiate Payments

    d. Negotiate a Settlement

V. What's Next?

   a. Your Financial Future

   b. Considering Bankruptcy

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Also Included:

DIY Credit Repair Kit

All the tools of a professional credit repair service in one place. Learn about credit scores, disputes, credit errors, negotiating with creditors, and avoiding common pitfalls. Save hundreds by avoiding expensive and misleading monthly services. 

House Viewing

Don't Miss Out

Debt relief companies charge significant fees to assist individuals in improving their financial situations. However, resolving your own debt is a perfectly legal and equally effective alternative to enrolling in costly professional services. By learning about debt management strategies and exploring available resources, you can take control of your financial future and achieve relief from debt without expensive monthly fees. 

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