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DIY Credit Success.

Repair Credit & Eliminate Debt using your legal rights. Get lifetime access for less than the cost of one credit repair payment.

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Repair Your Own Credit. 

Skip the Monthly Fees.

Compare Us to Top Credit Repair Services

Affordable Credit Repair

What's Included

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Unlock a one-stop credit repair and debt-elimination system. All for less than the cost of one monthly payment to a credit repair service.

The DIY Credit Kit

  • Dispute Items on Credit

  • Remove Credit Errors

  • Find & Monitor Report

  • Build & Protect Credit

The Debt Do-Over

  • Negotiate with Creditors

  • Dispute & Settle Debt

  • Stop Collection Calls

  • Build & Maintain Wealth

+ Exclusive Resources

  • Document Center: Hundreds of additional dispute letters, forms, & templates. 

  • Members-Only Blog- All current and future articles including insider tips and expert guides.

All Inclusive

Everything you need to repair credit, settle debt, and build wealth all in one package. 

No Monthly Subscription

Credit repair services cannot guarantee results and charge hundreds for services you can do yourself.

Lifetime Access

Once enrolled you have lifetime access to content & updates for continued financial success. You only pay once.

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Why Choose Us?

The Credit Course is an innovative online platform that empowers individuals to take control of their finances through comprehensive and easy-to-follow courses.  Get all the information and resources you need to dominate credit and debt and achieve financial freedom.

With lifetime access and a one-time fee, you'll save hundreds compared to traditional credit repair services.

Compare Us to Credit Repair Software

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This multimedia course provides comprehensive guidance on how to repair credit scores, dispute errors on credit reports, negotiate with creditors, and avoid common pitfalls. Save hundreds by avoiding expensive and misleading monthly services. 

  • Find & Monitor Credit

  • Dispute Inaccurate Reports

  • Negotiate with Creditors

  • All Forms & Letters Include

Included in Your Membership
Your comprehensive guide on how to get out of debt and negotiate with creditors. With step-by-step instructions, downloadable worksheets, and sample forms and letters, This Course provides a simple and effective solution for achieving financial freedom and an affordable alternative to debt relief programs.

  • Debt Crash Course

  • Negotiate & Settle with Debters

  • Dispute & Cancel Innacurate Debt

  • All Forms & Letters Included

Included in Your Membership
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Did you know?

Credit repair companies offer no guarantee of success and are legally required to inform you that you can repair your own credit for free. 

Repairing your own credit is a perfectly legal alternative that is just as effective as signing up for expensive legal services. Our comprehensive courses provide everything you need to not only repair and improve credit but also, eliminate debt and build wealth, with step-by-step guidance to protect your rights and avoid common pitfalls.

Credit Card
The New House

Don't Miss Out

Don't let poor credit stop you from getting what you want and need! Repair your credit at a fraction of the cost. Plus, learn How to negotiate with creditors, eliminate debt, and build wealth.

Lower Your Bills 
Finance a Car
Mortgage a Home
Start a Bussiness

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