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What is The Credit Course?

Affordable Credit Repair Solution

Everyone strives for financial prosperity, but there are often roadblocks along the way. You want to build credit, stay out of debt, and invest for the future, but life happens fast. The first step to financial success is addressing your credit, a simple report and score that can determine the job you have, the car you drive, the house you live in, and even when you retire.

Credit repair is your legal right and can be done by anyone 100% for free. However, the process is time-consuming and full of legal pitfalls that can lead to expensive mistakes or long-term credit damage.

In response to this problem, the credit repair service was born. This billion-dollar industry is composed of companies that create and submit dispute letters on your behalf in hopes of removing inaccurate or negative items from your credit report. It's important to understand that this is a convenience industry, they perform a legal process, which is free, and you pay a premium for the convenience of not having to do it yourself. This problem will become clear if you ever sign up for credit restoration services, as they are legally required to inform you that you can repair your own credit for free.

Credit repair clinics and 'restoration' services charge you thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success, all to capitalize on your lack of time and fear of failure. 

Finally, a solution

Enter, The Credit Course

The Credit Course is an all-in-one resource offering the tools you need to repair credit, eliminate debt, and build wealth. Learn how to restore credit like a pro, negotiate and settle your debt, and build your financial future all for less than the cost of one monthly subscription payment to a credit repair company.

These comprehensive multimedia courses give you step-by-step guidance along with videos, downloads, and hundreds of templates and forms including every dispute letter you'll ever need!

The Affordable Credit Repair Solution

The Credit Course is not a monthly subscription or a limited offer, we give you a lifetime resource for a myriad of credit and finance solutions that you can return to for years to come. Typically, credit repair companies charge a monthly fee ranging from $60 to $150, in addition to an initial setup fee, also known as a first-work fee, which can range from $119 to $299. This adds up to thousands of dollars per year with no guarantee of success.

What's Included?

  1. DIY Credit Repair Kit The DIY Credit Repair kit exposes the tools and knowledge that the pros hide behind their subscription prices. Learn how to access and assess your credit report, dispute errors, deal with negative items, and much more. This exhaustive course offers coverage for any situation and the resources you need for fast and lasting credit success.

  2. The Debt Do-Over This course will teach you step-by-step how to deal with creditors, manage your budget, and eliminate debt. Discover the secrets of negotiating with debtors and settling or even canceling debt. Debt relief services can charge you up to 25% and cost thousands. After repairing your credit, managing your debt is the next step toward financial freedom.

  3. The Personal Finance Primer This members-only series of articles and resources will walk you through the basics of financial literacy and give you a jump start to building wealth. Learn how to assess your net worth, manage assets, get auto loans and mortgages, and retire early with this exclusive resource.

  4. The Document Center Get instant access to hundreds of templates, samples, and forms including every dispute letter you'll ever need. Get professional documents tailored to your unique situation.

  5. Member's Blog Continue your education with all current and future members-only articles including exclusive guides and insider secrets.

Your Best Credit Repair Option

$0 - Repair Your Own Credit

Spend Nothing and repair your own credit. This option is time-consuming and has a high risk of expensive mistakes or long-term credit damage. You should perform rigorous research before considering this option. 

$30 - Buy a Credit Repair Guide

Buy a credit repair guide. Get a book or guide to follow in repairing your own credit. This will lessen this risk of pitfalls but can still require a considerable amount of effort on your part

Consider purchasing a manual or guide dedicated to credit repair. This resource can provide direction and reduce the likelihood of encountering common obstacles, though it still requires a notable amount of personal effort.

$59 - Online Education Course

Take an Online Course - The Credit Course provides a comprehensive and easy-to-follow way to repair credit like the pros. Get lifetime access for less than one credit repair payment. Start now.

$1,000-$1,700 (Per Year) - Credit Repair or Restoration Service

Hire a credit repair clinic. Pay a professional service to repair your credit for you and save time. While legit companies do exist the credit repair industry has a history mired in deceptive practices and lawsuits.

$800 - 1500 (Per Year) - Credit Repair Software This option can be costly and requires a significant time commitment to learn and use the software effectively. It offers less support than a professional service, and success largely depends on your ability to navigate the software and credit repair processes on your own.


DIY Credit Repair Kit

This multimedia course provides comprehensive guidance on how to repair your credit score, dispute errors on your reports, negotiate with creditors, avoid common pitfalls, and much more. Save hundreds by avoiding expensive and misleading monthly services.  Learn More.

  • Find & Monitor Credit

  • Dispute Inaccurate Reports

  • Deal with Negative Items

  • Negotiate with Creditors

  • All Forms & Letters Include

Course Outline:

DIY Credit Kit

Section One: Introduction to Credit

M1: Your Credit History

M2: Understanding Credit Score

M3: Your Credit Rights

Video: Intro to Credit

M4: Getting Your Credit Report

Video: Getting Your Credit Report

M5: Identifying Credit Issues

Section Two: Credit Disputes

M6: The Dispute Process

M7: Filing & Tracking Disputes

M8: Dispute Outcomes

M9: Dispute Escalation

M10: Credit Dispute FAQs

Section Three: Cleaning Up Your Credit

M11: Dealing with Negative Items

M12: Rapid Inquiry Removal

M13: Rebuilding Credit

M14: Protecting Credit



The Debt Do-Over

Your comprehensive guide on how to get out of debt and negotiate with creditors. With step-by-step instructions, downloadable worksheets, and sample forms and letters, This Course provides a simple and effective solution for achieving financial freedom and an affordable alternative to debt relief programs. Learn More.

  • Debt Crash Course

  • Negotiate & Settle with Debters

  • Dispute & Cancel Debt

  • All Forms & Letters Included

Course Outline:

Debt Do-Over

Section One: Getting Started

M1: Understanding Debt

M2: When to Get Help

Section Two: Reducing Debt M3: Reducing Debt

M3.1: Credit Card Debt

M3.2: Medical Debt

M3.3: Student Loan Debt

M3.4 Auto Loan Debt

M3.5: Mortgage Debt

M3.6: Tax Debt

Section Three: Your Budget

M4: Cutting Expenses

M5: Making a Budget

M13: Rebuilding Credit

M14: Protecting Credit

Section Four: Debt Relief

M6: Dispute & Verify Debt

M7: Creditors & Collectors

M8: Negotiate Payments

M9: Negotiate Settlement

Section Five: What's Next?

M10: Your Financial Future

M11: Bankruptcy


Blog & Personal Finance Primer

The personal finance primer is a series of members-exclusive articles to prepare you for money management success. Having good credit is crucial, but it will not take you far without the proper financial literacy and money skills.

  1. Your Finances

  2. Asset Management

  3. Banking & Saving

  4. Finance & Loans

  5. Insurance

  6. Taxes

  7. Retirement Planning

In addition, you'll get lifetime access to our member's exclusive blog including all current and future articles giving you insider tips and comprehensive guides for continued success.

  • Credit- Continue your credit education and respond to unique issues

  • Debt- Eliminate and stay out of debt long-term

  • Finance- Learn about stock investing, funds, savings, and wealth opportunities

  • The Hustle Club- Learn how to supplement your money with a side hustle, passive income, or starting your own business.


Document Center

The Document Center is a member's exclusive area where you can instantly access and download hundreds of samples, templates, forms, and dispute letters.

  • Credit Disputes

  • 609 Letters

  • Method of Verification

  • Debt Verification

  • Pay to Delete

  • Good-Will Request

  • And many more...


The Credit Course is an innovative online platform that empowers individuals to take control of their finances through comprehensive and easy-to-follow courses.  Get all the information and resources you need to dominate credit and debt and achieve financial freedom.

With lifetime access and a one-time fee, you'll save hundreds compared to traditional credit repair services.


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